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Call it a classic case of love, money and bitterness.  Buffalo Bills linebacker Mario Williams has brought a lawsuit against his former fiancee Erin Marzouki to recover the engagement ring he gave her when they became engaged in Februrary 2011. According to an ABC report, the ring, a 10-carat diamond, is valued at $785,000. […]

Same sex couples who have tied the knot sometimes face a variety of obstacles pertaining to the legality of their marriage. For example, if a married couple lives in Palatine, Illinois, they could struggle with having their same sex marriage recognized if they move to another state. The laws, which change from time to time, […]

This Valentine’s Day, nearly a dozen men were arrested by DuPage County, Illinois, law enforcement agents for allegedly failing to stay current on their child support obligations. Single parents in Illinois and everywhere have been affected by the current economic climate. Custodial parents are increasingly dependent on child support payments to make ends meet for […]

Many people often consider Catholicism to be at odds with the notion of same sex relationships due to some of the Catholic teachings that are well known. Because of this, Catholic schools in Illinois are facing a conundrum after the country-wide ruling on same sex marriage and the increased acceptance of gay families nationwide. On the […]

From property division to child support, there are a number of ways that divorce affects finances. If you are thinking about filing for divorce, you may be intimidated by the seemingly daunting task of preparing for the financial effects of separation. Furthermore, high asset divorce can be especially challenging for couples in Palatine, Illinois, and […]

Property division is a large aspect of a divorce procedure. The more property a couple has owned together, the more complex the division of the property can become. However, there are plenty of laws in place that are designed to help guide couples through the process. Property division can include any type of physical asset […]

A failed marriage will put parents through many struggles. However, it is paramount that those involved in a divorce do all they can to protect the interests of their children. This includes making careful decisions regarding the child’s support and custody, as well as tending to their needs during the actual divorce proceedings. Illinois readers […]

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