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Married couples in Illinois, and across the country, commonly spend a large portion of their lives working and saving for retirement. This may result in them building up substantial wealth in their retirement accounts. Deciding to divorce could not only impact their retirement plans, but also their retirement savings. At the law firm of Manassa, […]

For many parents, the thought of losing custody of their children can be very terrifying. However, in Palatine and across the state of Illinois, some parents experience this hardship firsthand, which can make a problematic divorce even more painful. As if the end of a marriage isn’t complicated enough with property division and strong emotions, […]

When a couple decides that divorce is the best way to move forward, there are a lot of things to take into consideration, which is particularly true for wealthy couples. With a high asset divorce, property division can be complicated. If you live in Palatine, for example, you should be familiar with Illinois law and […]

It is an relatively new question given the changing dynamics in households across Chicago and other major cities in Illinois. Should men ask for spousal maintenance as part of their divorce petition? A recent study indicated that 40 percent of households have women who are the breadwinners. However, only three percent of divorced men receive […]

With the increasing prominence of virtual technologies, many of us are beginning to live our lives more connected to the internet. From popular services such as Netflix or iTunes, shared files on home computers and even shared gaming accounts people are beginning to form personal connections to their computer activities. Yet, this also means more […]

There are many reasons why marriages don’t work out, from infidelity to incompatibility. Regardless of the factors that contribute to the end of a marriage, separation can lead to divorce legal issues that are complicated and stressful. Plus, there are often strong emotions with dilemmas such as property division and child custody. In Palatine and […]

The specter of a divorce creates a rivalry between parents, as each may be afraid that the other will seek sole custody of a child, thereby taking the parent out of the child’s life. Some may also be concerned that if they don’t have custody, they will have no say whatsoever in raising the child. […]