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Numerous studies have shown and reinforced the fact that divorce remains one of the most stressful and emotional events a person can experience. Virtually every part of life can be impacted at the end of a marriage. Adversarial litigation can only exacerbate the stress and challenges involved in a divorce. Today, however, Illinois couples who […]

Same-sex couples in Illinois have experienced many changes in the law in recent years. At one point, domestic partners had no legal rights at all. Eventually The Illinois Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act provided some structure for gay and lesbian couples to enjoy rights similar to those people in opposite-sex marriages. More recently, […]

For some people who feel like they aren’t receiving the child support they deserve, there is plenty of frustration. Whether they live in Palatine or any other part of Illinois, some people feel like the system is not serving them well. Because family law can be quite complex, parents on both sides of the battle […]

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