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When a same-sex couple wants to get married, there are many things they should take into consideration. Likewise, when any couple determines that divorce has become necessary, there are a variety of legal issues they should take into account (custody of children, property division, etc.). In Palatine, some same-sex partnerships could be affected by the […]

The Illinois Supreme Court adopted Rule 138 excluding minor children’s names and birthdates from court records in an effort to protect privacy. In 2012, the Illinois Supreme Court adopted Rule 138 in an effort to help protect the privacy of those involved in civil litigation, including family law matters. Some voiced criticisms of the Rule, […]

The alimony payments for one Illinois man have been changed because of a downturn in his earning potential. The man in question, who was divorced from his wife in the year 2000, recently sought modification or elimination of his alimony payments because economic hardship has made him incapable of keeping up. At one point he […]

After our recent bout of snowstorms, many Chicagoans are more than ready for spring break. This may include a vacation to Florida or California, or just a great “stay-cation.” Regardless of the destination, a spring break isn’t much of a vacation without the children in tow. For divorced or separated couples, this can be a […]

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