Divorce smartphone apps help keep track of post-divorce issues

Given the plethora of opportunities that smartphone applications have, perhaps it was inevitable that the technology has begun to reach places that were previously not considered. It may come as a surprise to some Illinois residents, but there are now phone apps to help with the management of divorces and any subsequent spousal support, child support and even visitation planning.

One of the keys to maintaining a successful life after divorce, especially when monthly payments for alimony or child support are involved, is organization. To that end, several companies have developed phone apps which can help divorcees manage their divorces and all of the complicated details which come along with them. Since divorce laws differ from state to state, many of these applications have a single-state focus in order to best meet the needs of the user.

Illinois is one of many states that has a selection of free and low-cost apps to choose from that can aid in divorce organization. However, these are not the only types of divorce apps. There are some apps that can be used to predict the potential costs of a divorce for those who have not yet started the proceedings or help inventory assets. There are even apps that can help give basic estimates of how much child support would be owed based on earning potential and other factors.

Since cooperation and mutual respect are integral parts of any divorce and co-parenting situation following divorce, anything that aids the divorced couple’s ability to do so could be a boon. Apps that give reminders for alimony or child support payments could help add some stability in a world where people increasingly depend on technology to manage their day-to-day lives.

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