For Help With A Divorce, Contact Barrington Illinois Family Law Attorneys

Protecting assets during a divorce requires outstanding legal representation by Barrington Illinois family law attorneys. Permitting assets to be accessed by a future former spouse can result in problems. An attorney can review all of the assets with experienced individuals and build a positive and successful outcome for their client. The individuals could include accountants, business valuators, home appraisers and forensic accountants. In some large net-worth divorces, a forensic accountant can locate money when it’s been removed from a business account. Often times in a divorce, one spouse may begin taking assets before confronting their partner about filing for a divorce.

A Crystal Lake high net worth divorce lawyer will work diligently to prevent someone from losing money or assets that are legally and rightfully theirs. They will assess the non-marital property and ensure any assets accumulated before the marriage is considered separate and not part of a marital settlement agreement. Maintenance or spousal support could be awarded to a spouse during a divorce. The amount and the duration will usually be determined by a judge. If someone feels their maintenance is not correct, an attorney can file a modification for their support with the court. Another sticking point of many divorces is the debt responsibility. This can become very complex with unsecured debts or debts a spouse is not aware of during discovery.

An alternative to spending resources on litigation is the opportunity for a collaborative divorce. A collaborative divorce attorney in Illinois can help someone work through this type of divorce. This type of divorce offers a more cooperative setting and is a better solution to resolving issues involving children. A collaborative divorce usually costs much less than a traditional divorce because experts are not needed and litigation time is reduced. An Arlington Heights divorce lawyer can assist with this type of divorce or a traditional divorce with the best outcome for their client.

When a couple is considering a divorce and does or doesn’t have children, it’s important to speak to a family law attorney in Crystal Lake Illinois about the marital situation, separation and divorce. Their legal guidance and knowledge will help in ensuring the process proceeds smoothly.