Illinois House approves same-sex marriage bill

For those who support same-sex marriage, it is always encouraging to hear about the government approving legislation that would give same-sex couples the same rights and benefits that all married couples enjoy. In Palatine and throughout Illinois, same sex marriage has been a particularly popular topic in recent months.

Proponents of same-sex marriage have been contributing a large amount of funds and support for a bill that was put before the Illinois House, which was recently approved. Although there was uncertainty regarding whether or not the bill would get the 60 votes it needed to pass, it received 61 yes votes and proved to be a success for those who backed the bill.

In fact, supporters of legalizing same-sex marriage in numerous states are now trying to learn from what happened in Illinois and see how they can apply it in their state. Not only are they encouraged by the favorable outcome, but how quickly the bill moved forward. Those who opposed this bill were unable to prevent it from passing amidst the outpouring of support in favor of same-sex marriage, but they have vowed to continue.

When it comes to marriage and domestic partnership, there are many more legal issues than a couple’s right to have their relationship recognized. When a same-sex couple decides that separation is the best way to move forward, they could have to address custody of children, property division and other domestic issues. If you are dealing with this, you could find it helpful to discuss your situation with a legal professional.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Illinois gay marriage: How it passed,” Monique Garcia, Nov. 10, 2013