Survey reports thousands of same sex marriages in Illinois

When a same-sex couple wants to get married, there are many things they should take into consideration. Likewise, when any couple determines that divorce has become necessary, there are a variety of legal issues they should take into account (custody of children, property division, etc.). In Palatine, some same-sex partnerships could be affected by the recent legalization of same sex marriage in Illinois, which highlights the importance of understanding how marriage laws may impact couples.

According to a survey that was recently conducted by Equality Illinois, 5,000 same sex couples have been married in the state since the Illinois Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act took effect in June. The survey shows that more than 3,200 marriage licenses were issued and that almost 1,700 civil union conversions took place.

Five counties did not answer the survey, while nine counties said they did not record any same sex marriages. Additionally, the group revealed that the highest number of conversions and marriages were found in Cook County and Illinois now recognizes marriages that were performed outside of the state.

Sometimes, married couples no longer want to remain together and decide that separation is the best way to move forward. However, people who are considering same-sex separation should make sure they are aware of their rights and try to minimize the impact of divorce if a legal dispute arises. There are numerous things to focus on when preparing for divorce, from how separating may impact children to various financial considerations that may come with splitting up. Furthermore, talking to an attorney could be a smart move for people who are considering divorce.

Source:, “5,000 same-sex couples marry in Illinois,” July 11, 2014