Things to Consider When Hiring Barrington Illinois Family Law Attorneys

Hiring a lawyer to handle a divorce is a monumental decision. If a person is leaving a long marriage and is faced with the task of dividing assets, debts and child custody, choice of legal representation can determine how well they fare during and after the divorce. Below are several guidelines to follow when choosing Barrington Illinois family law attorneys.

Choose Based on Experience

Any lawyer chosen should have a record with local divorce cases. Divorce attorneys from the area know the jurisdiction’s judges, and can use that knowledge to the client’s advantage. The Arlington Heights divorce lawyer should have a main focus on family law and divorce; if the client’s situation is special, they should find a family law attorney in Crystal Lake Illinois with experience in with such cases.

Read Client Testimonials

The simplest way to choose a divorce attorney is to read reviews from former clients. If one doesn’t know any former clients, they should ask the attorney for a short list of references who can be contacted and asked about their prior experiences.

Open Communication

When a client is dissatisfied with the service they receive from a collaborative divorce attorney in Illinois, lack of communication is one of the most common complaints. It’s important for family law attorneys to be accessible and to promptly respond to emails and phone calls. While clients can ask attorneys about office policies, the best way to assess an attorney is to interview former clients.


When an initial appointment is made, the client should ask about consultation fees. Some lawyers offer free initial consultations, but many divorce lawyers charge up to $200 for an in-depth consultation. Determine the lawyer’s hourly rate, retainer fee, and refund policy. Before signing a contract, be sure it contains a detailed explanation of hourly expenses and charges.

Comfort Level

While the above factors are important, there’s one more question the client should ask before making a decision. Is the client confident in the attorney and their abilities? Divorces are confusing, and the Crystal Lake high net worth divorce lawyer should show genuine concern and a willingness to advocate for the client.