When The Stakes Are High, Contact Barrington Illinois Family Law Attorneys For Help

Stakes are high in many divorces and are even higher in a divorce that includes a large amount of assets. Assets may have been accumulated before the marriage and are now entwined into joint marital property. Some spouses feel they are entitled to the money that their spouse had before the marriage. This is usually not the case. A Crystal Lake high net worth divorce lawyer will protect every asset that the individual is entitled to keep. Business ventures and 401K’s can add up to thousands or millions of dollars worth of money. A lawyer understands that a client worked for the money they’ve saved and will vigorously fight for the client to keep it.

For some couples, a collaborative divorce attorney in Illinois can be contacted to divorce through a less expensive type of divorce. A collaborative divorce helps couples recognize what is ahead of them after a divorce. Considerations for a child’s education and the person’s goals will be discussed. This is a wonderful way to go through the divorce process with the help of the attorneys and the parties together. This type of divorce is usually much cheaper than a traditional divorce. Even when couples can agree on the majority of the decisions, though, child custody can turn into a turbulent area.

Barrington Illinois family law attorneys can work with their client on the right solutions for child custody and support. The children should have access to both parents. If Domestic Violence or some other type of criminal act would affect the suitability of a parent, this will and should be addressed during determining a custodial arrangement. A family law attorney in Crystal Lake Illinois will ask various questions about the parent’s interaction with the children. In any child custody case, the interest of the child is always the determining factor. Although the parents can no longer cohabitate, the child’s relationship with both parents needs to be kept as normal as possible.

An Arlington Heights divorce lawyer will offer the legal guidance that is needed during this stormy time in life. They will help to keep the individual calm during the process when emotions feel as though they’re out of control.