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Some of the most contentious issues in a divorce can be those surrounding children. Every parent will go to great lengths to provide what they believe to be in the best interest of their children. Therefore, when parents perceive that something will harm their children, they fight to protect them. A critical part of all […]

When it comes to state law, same sex couples are sometimes frustrated with where their state stands. Additionally, there may be confusion with regard to certain laws. This is true for a number of couples in Chicago, Palatine and other parts of Illinois as well. In order to work towards legalizing same sex marriage, some […]

Divorcees in Chicago (and Illinois) may be consumed with what they are entitled to in a property settlement, what they should be paid in alimony, and whether they will have custody of the children. While these are certainly valid concerns, there are other financial issues that are often overlooked.  Insurance, for instance, is commonly put […]

Jessica Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson are expecting a second child in 2013. Rumors about the suspected pregnancy began before Christmas as Simpson (who is a Weight Watchers celebrity endorser) struggled to maintain the weight loss as part of her $4 million deal. She reportedly lost more than 50 pounds since signing on with the […]

The term prenuptial agreement is often synonymous with divorces. However, it is not required in order to get a divorce. It is highly recommended even so, because it makes the divorce process much simpler. First, what is a prenuptial agreement? Prenuptial agreements are a contract that is filled out before a civil union or a […]

At the law firm of Manassa, Stassen & Vaclavek, P.C. , we are proactive advocates for our clients’ best interests. Our Barrington grandparents’ rights attorneys have been successfully resolving disputes between parents and grandparents, as well as other family law matters in Illinois, for decades. Whether clients need mediation, negotiation or litigation, we have the […]

It is understandable that engaged couples in Illinois can be exited and want to put a lot of energy and attention into planning the perfect wedding. However, when you find yourself in this situation you should be careful and avoid the urge to pour all of your resources into the festivities of a single day. […]

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