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When a married couple decides to separate, there are many things to take into consideration. Sometimes, these considerations can be complicated, especially for those who are going through a high asset divorce. For example, someone who lives in Palatine should familiarize themselves with the laws in Illinois and try to develop an understanding of how […]

Given the plethora of opportunities that smartphone applications have, perhaps it was inevitable that the technology has begun to reach places that were previously not considered. It may come as a surprise to some Illinois residents, but there are now phone apps to help with the management of divorces and any subsequent spousal support, child […]

When a couple is going through a high asset divorce, they may struggle with a bitter dispute and strong emotions. While the end of a marriage is often difficult, there can be particularly complicated divorce legal issues when it comes to a high net worth divorce. In Palatine, Illinois, couples may struggle with property division, […]

For those who support same-sex marriage, it is always encouraging to hear about the government approving legislation that would give same-sex couples the same rights and benefits that all married couples enjoy. In Palatine and throughout Illinois, same sex marriage has been a particularly popular topic in recent months. Proponents of same-sex marriage have been […]

Experienced Legal Counsel And Representation Throughout Illinois With offices in Barrington and Crystal Lake, Illinois, the law firm of Manassa, Stassen & Vaclavek, P.C., offers knowledgeable and trustworthy advice and assistance with a broad spectrum of legal concerns. In addition to divorce, high net worth divorce and child custody issues, our experienced trial attorneys handle […]

Professional Assistance With Child Custody, Visitation, Modifications And More With offices in Barrington and Crystal Lake, Illinois, the law firm of Manassa, Stassen & Vaclavek, P.C. , provides skilled and caring representation in the following areas of family law: Child custody: While the best interest of the child is the ultimate standard that must be […]

Parents facing divorce know all about the stereotypes surrounding the traditional roles men and women have in the family. (Chances are the expectations surrounding these roles have led to divorce.) But when rich and influential people make comments supporting these notions, it can be harmful to those trying to work past them. Last week billionaire […]

Gone are the days of hanging out in hotel bars and airport lobbies to generate clandestine flings. With social media, smartphones and email, people have flocked to online outlets to carry out their indiscretions. While Facebook and Craigslist have been popular venues for secret lovers, sites such as and are now being used […]

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